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"an excellent evening's entertainment."
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From: Sue Watts - 22 July 2013


Just had to say that I was there on Friday evening having not attended a local opera show (to my great shame) for MANY years. 

It was fantastic!!!  Really enjoyed it.  You have got some seriously talented singers on your books, haven’t you?  And the orchestra was super.  But I couldn’t get over the singing, particularly the men and Adele, who was truly wonderful. 

Many many congrats on the whole thing – I saw you rushing around moving scenery etc during the two intervals so I didn’t come and interrupt you – but I was with Tim Bruce (who was in County Orchsrta 40 years ago!) and his wife (who’s a bit of an opera buff (Milan, Glyndebourne etc!) – she recognised the aria from Pagliacci.


It was incredibly hot in the audience and I guess it was on stage too – how the ‘dog’ survived, I shall never know! 

Really well done you – I knew it would be good, but was pleasantly surprised, even so.

From: Hazel - 21 July 2013


Don't know if this is still your email address, but I feel I must congratulate you on the presentation of Die Fledermaus    It really showed that your imagination is in full swing.  In other words I thought this was a great production    Wonderful     


From: Kenneth Dives - 14th March 2013


Re: Iolanthe, Hazelbury P. Apologies to W.S. Gilbert

When you're feeling quite blue
And need something to do,
There is nothing like music to cheer you,
Especially when
There's a group of your friends
Who are due to perform somewhere near you.
So you turn up to hear, and to give a big cheer,
As the opera unravels before you.
Ev'ryone in the hall
Has a helluva ball -
It is more than enough to restore you!
So, good luck with the tour!
We are totally sure
You will triumph wherever the place is.
(By the way, did I say
That it quite made our day
To see many familiar faces?)
Yes, your show was a treat -
Swept us clean off our feet,
And was certainly worth ev'ry penn'orth!
Hope that you've not forgot
We once sang with you lot!
Cheerio from the Dives, Grace and Kenneth.


From: Sara Hooley - 11 March 2013


Iolanthe - Winsford


Thank you all so much for another lovely performance. It was well done! All feedback very enthusiastic.

Hopefully see you again next year!!


From: Alan Cromack - 10 March 2013


Iolanthe - Kingston St Mary


Brilliant show on friday at Kingston st. Mary. 'Culture in the
sticks' love it !

From: Michael Webb - 5th December 2011


At last - something to prove to the curious that Somerset Opera really exists - and splendidly so! This is a beautifully designed site with so many interesting and useful links. Bravo, bravo, arcibravo, Ian!

From: Dean Ward - 20th September 2011


good stuff mr B look forward to our normal eventful tour ''take a pair of sparkling thighs'






Anthony Forester-Bennett - 20th September 2011

Great new web-site. Thanks, and good luck with the new season.


Anthony FB

From: Ian Bond - 19th September 2011

Welcome to the new Somerset Opera website. We welcome your comments both regarding our performances and the website.


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